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6 times distilled for unmatched quality and flavor, using only
the finest American gorwn grains.

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Our Story

ARIS Vodka was developed by Peter Malitsis, a Greek native and well-known bartender. Peter has a wealth of experience mixing drinks at famous bars and restaurants in various locations around the world, including Mykonos, Paris, Ibiza, and Los Angeles. He began his career in the United States after being recruited by top restaurateurs in New York City for the Hamptons.

ARIS Vodka is a premium organic vodka made in the United States. It is gluten-free and kosher, catering to Peter’s discerning clientele who demand the best in their vodka preference.

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Embellished with Good

Changing things for the better. Learn how bartenders are promoting good change in their neighborhoods through their Aris Vodka Cocktails and be motivated to stir up your own neighborhood.

Giving back to the community

We sponsor and help young singers, follow their dreams

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The next cocktail

Send photos and recipes of your cocktails and we will feature and shout out on social media who you guys are

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Party Mode

Join us in the next Maxim Carnival event to experience a real party

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